Sysmex establishes new branch office in Finland

2024/04/02 – Norderstedt, Germany

Strengthening Sysmex’s market presence in Scandinavia

Sysmex Europe SE announced today the establishment of a new branch office, Sysmex Nordic ApS, branch in Finland. With this decision, Sysmex aims to enhance its market presence by expanding its sales and support network in the region.

With one of the most modern healthcare systems globally, Finland places a strong emphasis on accurate diagnosis as a core element of patient treatment. Finland has recently passed a new healthcare reform welcoming innovative medical solutions. This reform, combined with the strong focus on diagnostics, makes Finland a very attractive market for Sysmex’s innovative diagnostic instruments, reagents and services.

Going forward, Sysmex will serve their customers with a combination of direct sales through the new branch office as well as continued sales via their trusted business partner of many years. The branch office will focus on delivering high-quality products within the fields of clinical flow cytometry, coagulation and life science. Dr Arsi Itkonen will lead the new branch office. With his passion and deep industry knowledge he will drive the establishment and growth of Sysmex in Finland. “The decision to establish a branch office in Finland was driven by the growing demand for Sysmex’s cutting-edge diagnostic instruments in the region, as Sysmex is one of Europe’s top laboratory diagnostics and healthcare companies.”, says Dr Arsi Itkonen. “Sysmex remains committed to advancing healthcare through innovative diagnostic solutions, and the establishment of Sysmex Finland marks an exciting milestone on this journey.”

With the opening of the new branch office, Finnish customers will benefit from closer contact to Sysmex and thus experience even better and faster access to their services.


Outline of Sysmex Nordic ApS, branch in Finland

Official name Sysmex Nordic ApS, branch in Finland

KPY Novapolis
Microkatu 1, 70210 Kuopio, Finland

Representative Dr Arsi Itkonen
Line of business Coagulation, clinical flow cytometry, life science



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