Sysmex Life Science expands its product portfolio with the SENTiFIT® 800 Analyser – a totally automated and high throughput analyser for faecal immunochemical testing

2023/03/13 – Norderstedt, Germany

Sentinel Diagnostics, an Italian company focused for more than 40 years on the development and production of in vitro diagnostics for the most advanced clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, molecular diagnostics and chromatography platforms, announced the launch of the SENTiFIT® 800 Analyser, a fully automated and high throughput system for faecal immunochemical test (FIT). Through Sysmex, the SENTiFIT® 800 Analyser will be distributed throughout EMEA as part of the FIT offering.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most dangerous and lethal cancers. It represents the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the western world with almost 2 million new cases/year and 0.9 million deaths ( If diagnosed early, CRC is curable in most of the cases, therefore most countries organise national or regional screenings to identify the cancers in their early stage, making the cure more efficient and thus considerably decreasing mortality. Those screening programs test millions of people every year, and this creates new challenges in the practical organisation of the laboratories. The new high throughput analyser SENTiFIT® 800 can meet the need of throughput, automation and accuracy in the most demanding situation. 

The SENTiFIT® 800 Analyser is a high-end system dedicated to faecal testing and able to process up to 550 tests/h, 1 million tests every year with samples in total automation and full traceability. It delivers a relevant reduction of hands-on time, better management of resources and decreasing of manual errors. The system is fed by a dedicated sample loader (Rack Handler RH-150) that provides a steady flow of up to 175 samples to the analyser unit. 

Marco Buonaguidi, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sentinel Diagnostics: "The SENTiFIT® 800 has been developed specifically for FIT screening centres and represents a step further in the direction to strengthen our commitment in the field of gastrointestinal diseases diagnosis. The CE-marked SENTiFIT® 800 Analyser is compatible with the FOB Gold® line, the complete solution for the identification of occult blood in faeces, and with the CALiaGold® line reagents for the quantification of faecal calprotectin, the first-choice test to identify the presence of inflammation in the bowel.” 

Samantha Giangregorio, Head of Life Science, Vice President Sysmex Europe SE: We’re pleased to extend our partnership with Sentinel Diagnostics, which has proven its ability to successfully address genuine unmet needs. It is exciting to introduce the SENTiFIT® 800 Analyser as part of the FIT line, an ever-growing portfolio of Life Science solutions for colorectal cancer diagnosis. We are enhancing our ability to deliver a more efficient workflow for FIT screening centres, and we believe this solution will help them be more effective in the most demanding situation. The perfect FIT – no matter the workload.” 


About Sentinel Diagnostics (Sentinel CH. SpA) 

Sentinel Diagnostics (Sentinel CH. SpA) is an innovative company that through the development of its products contributes to the growth of scientific knowledge and the improvement of people's health in the diagnostic field. For more than 40 years, Sentinel Diagnostics, an Italian company based in Milan, has been developing and producing in vitro diagnostic devices for the most advanced Clinical Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics and Chromatography platforms.  

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