Platelet Check

Effective quality control for your special needs

Platelet Check is a control material designed specifically for the Sysmex XN Blood Bank mode. It enables a thorough check of the analysers’ technical functions and reagent system for your peace of mind beyond the routine whole blood mode.


Made for a special application

Platelet Check is available in one concentration covering the range of platelet packs that are being produced by blood banks. The material fits the use in the PLT-F measurement channel.

Peer comparison quality control

Thanks to the networking capabilities of Sysmex haematology analysers, we offer an internet-based peer comparison quality control service – CaresphereTM XQC. You can discover much more on the dedicated webpage.

Technical Specifications


Diagnostic parameter: PLT-F

Assay and technical data

Assay data are provided as assay – mean and assay range in electronic format for each lot of Platelet Check.

Platelet Check is stored at 2-8 °C before and after opening. The period of use is ten weeks per lot, with an open vial stability of seven days. The volume per vial is 3.0 mL.

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